Top 5 Winter Olympics Streaming Channels for 2022

The Winter Olympics 2022 is almost here! After all the delays and other things due to COVID-19, we have made our way towards the current Winter Olympics. Just like the athletes, fans are eager to watch the mega event from their home comfort. Currently, foreign visits are banned at the Winter Olympics 2022.

Keeping that in mind, we have got you the better ways for watching the 2022 Winter Olympics live.

Top 5 Ways to watch Winter Olympics 2022 Live

There has been a lot of research in finding better and quality ways to watch the Winter Olympics 2022 event.

With that, let’s unfold each of the options, one by one.



Among the best and quality platforms, NBC is the one that offers the best quality. The company has grabbed exclusive rights for broadcasting the Winter Olympics 2022 event.

In total, NBC will broadcast for a total of 4,500 hours that can be watched by the audiences.

Also, speaking about the packages, you can either choose from them or else, the company has got their free plans.

Even the streaming quality along with device support from NBC is far better. With that, you don’t have to do much, and being in the USA, your job is to choose NBC and start watching Winter Olympics 2022 with this service.

BBC Eurosport

For the fans who are living in the United Kingdom, BBC Eurosport is one of the finest options. Over the years, this has been a top-quality platform and has always delivered quality and effortless services.

With BBC, there are the majority of the cases where you don’t have to spend any money on their services. Given that thing in mind, there is no need for you to spend any money but you got to have a stable speed net connection.

Another thing you got to note is that BBC has been one of the renowned streaming companies. Therefore, you can trust their services and easily use BBC for watching the events at Winter Olympics 2022.

CBC, Bell Media

There are millions of fans in Canada and if you live in that region, CBC is the most prominent streaming service provider. They offer to stream for almost free of cost but there can be some premium plans with them.

For the current Winter Olympics 2022, the company has got its servers absolutely ready. Plus, the support for gadgets from the company is decent too and you won’t find issues with this thing at least.

All in all, you can choose the CBC packages and eventually watch Winter Olympics 2022 sitting right in Canada.

Channel 7 Services

As Australians who have got the ambition to watch the Winter Olympics event live, Channel 7 brings ample of channels and services. This streaming service provider has been catering their services for plenty of years.

Now, there is good news with Channel 7 as they are offering their services free of cost. With that, you don’t have to spend anything but keeping a decent speed internet is necessary.

On top of that, Channel 7 brings different platforms such as 7 Plus that can help you watch Winter Olympics 2022 using your smartphones.


The Chinese fans are crazy for the current Winter Olympics and with that in place, CCTV is your savior. This Chinese platform has gained its presence in China and has offered an immersive broadcasting experience, each time.

Right from good streaming support to better device compatibility, you can get everything with CCTV.

Hence, you can simply choose CCTV and start watching the current Winter Olympics event, the finest way.

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