Tag: Lightning Round

  • Episode 126: Lightning Round 8

    While we’re taking a break after last week’s big news, we’ve got a Lightning Round episode for you. This edition features hammer thrower DeAnna Price, taekwondo athlete Madelynn Gorman-Shore, swimmer […]

  • Episode 117 - Olympic Lightning Round featuring Adam Stirn, Chellsie Memmel and Roy Tomizowa

    Episode 117: Lightning Round 7

    Jill and Alison are celebrating the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, so that means it’s time for another Olympic Lightning Round episode where we hear from past guests. This time […]

  • Episode 113: Lightning Round 6

    It’s American Thanksgiving, so we’re serving up a Lightning Round featuring Team Olympic Fever members Harry Blutstein, Tim Yount and Tom Scott. Be sure to follow Harry at his website […]

  • Episode 100: Olympic Lightning Round 5

    We’ve hit the 100-episode milestone! Yes, that’s 100 regular episodes of your favorite Olympics podcast hosts! It’s been an honor to be able to produce this show every week, and […]

  • Episode 82: Olympic Lightning Round 3

    Download this episode! The Lightning Round is back! We pose the same questions to our guests; you’ll be fascinated by their answers. This time we’re joined by the dulcet tones […]

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