Diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 by Several Countries – How it Matters?

In recent times, concern over human rights has been a point that has truly caught fire. People are sensitive over the human rights subject and the same sort of thing is reflected in the current Beijing games.

It has been a constant topic for debate in recent years and has provoked a major level of controversy.

Also, the venue for the Winter Olympics 2022 is hardly hit by the boycotts of various countries. This includes the boycott from Australia, Britain, USA and tons of other Boycotts.

Additionally, the Human right group and Western government have accused China for the cruel genocide in Xinjiang region.

However, from China’s end point, they deny the claim and say that there’s a different side to the current story.

Further, different relations over the crackdown on political freedom along with pro-democracy in Hong Kong have lighted up the fire.

Recently, concerns have been growing over a tennis player, Peng Shui. He has disappeared away from public view right after accusation of a top Chinese government official over the sexual assault.

More Details on Beijing 2022 Controversy

Moving ahead, there are few of the Western government people who say that their representatives will not attend the ceremony. This is such a type of a move than can easily erupt the on-going battle.

Plus, they are finding a risk to send their officials to Beijing to attend the games.

While China has accused the US of using games for political manipulation along with implementing countermeasures.

Yes, there are people involved from different countries, even from higher authorities.

Therefore, if you are someone who likes watching the Beijing sports in China, the clouds of worry are certainly hovering.

While people are boycotting the Winter Olympics 2022 event, some people are trying to flip such an event. They are urging people to engage in such a great sporting event. This will evenly ensure equal sporting opportunities to people from all over the world.

Plus, sports are all meant to attain the level of good peace where people who are in support insist the same.

However, as you might know that different people have divergent views and the views of every single person can’t really be the same.

Keeping such things in place, if you are a fan of watching the Beijing 2022 Olympic games live, there are ample streaming options.

Yes, not every single individual likes to fight over every issue and there are ample of people out there for the same.

With that, all you can do is to be away from such matters. Sports has always been a thing that can bring people together from different countries.

As far as the current issue goes, there doesn’t seem to be an ending for the same. All we can do is to hope for the best and see to it that the event does come live. And, may people watch every game of the event in a serene and peaceful way. 


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