Episode 129: John MacLeod, Montreal 1976 Olympic Water Polo Player

We welcome John MacLeod back to the show to talk about his experiences as a member of Team Canada’s 1976 Olympic water polo team. John tells us what it was like to make the team, travel behind the Iron Curtain and march in the Opening Ceremonies. We also discuss what it was like to return to normal life after having a great Olympic experience, and how that transition can be difficult. Jill also tells a couple of Olympic-related stories of when she visited Innsbruck back in 1992 (her clothes were almost as fabulous as those from the 1970s). Plus, our self-isolation wouldn’t be complete without relating an update on what COVID-19 has disrupted in terms of the Tokyo 2020 plans.

We need your help! We’ve started mapping out all of the Olympic-related sites in the world so that wherever you go, you might be able to visit a little bit of Olympism. Help us fill up our map with arenas, museums, statues, etc. Together we can show how the Olympics have touched all parts of the world.

Don’t forget, our next book club episode is coming up! You can find our latest selection here.

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!

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