Episode 122: Olympic Hopeful Mallory Comerford on Swimming

We’re diving in the pool this week! Mallory Comerford, Olympic hopeful, US National Team member and swimmer for the International Swim League’s Cali Condors, shares some tips on what freestylers are doing in the water, so we viewers can better figure out what’s going on in the pool (beyond the drive to be the fastest swimmer).

Of course, since it’s us, we also want the lowdown on swimsuits–Mallory’s an ambassador for Arena, one of the big global swimwear brands–shampoo and shaving. We got the details for you!

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The Technical Officials’ uniforms for Tokyo 2020 have been released! There’s nothing Jill loves more than a good official’s uniform, and Tokyo has delivered once again!

Also, Gracenote Sports has released its forecasted virtual medal table – we’ll keep an eye on the predictions.

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!

Photo by Mike Lewis, courtesy of Arena.

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