Episode 115: Catching Up with “The Next Olympic Hopeful” Winner Lindsey Mayo

It’s a bad news, good news kind of week. First, the bad news: Russia’s out of the Olympics for the next four years (pending appeal) due to the continued issues with doping. We’ve got opinions–and lots of sighs.

But the good news is great: We catch up with “The Next Olympic Hopeful” winner and Team Olympic Fever rugby player Lindsey Mayo to see what she’s been up to in the year since her win. Let’s just say we’re surprised where in the world we found her.

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Season 3 of Team USA’s “The Next Olympic Hopeful” airs on December 29 at 3pm ET on NBC.

Plus, we’ve got a slice of TOFU (sponsored by PinCollector.com) with Lauren Gibbs, Josh Williamson, Nick Cunningham, Clare Egan, Jimmy Pedro and Rich Perelman.

And Tokyo’s got a new hotel opening up just in time for the Olympics! Maybe Jill won’t have to sleep on Dan’s couch!

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