Episode 94: Auction-Worthy Olympic Collectibles

Ever wonder what happens to Olympic medals and torches? Some go to museums; some go to auction and to a collector’s collection. This week we’re talking to Jon Becker, Olympic auction consultant for RR Auction, who tells us the type of items that go up for auction and how much they can be worth (you’ll be surprised to know how much Jill has held in her hand).

RR Auction’s July Olympic auction is ending, but it will have another one in January. You never know what you’ll find, so if you’re in the market for Olympic collectibles, check it out.

Jill also has a BIG update on her Tokyo 2020 ticket buying woes. She’ll just say here that the OS Tokyo 2020 tickets site tracker is worth every Eurocent.

Also, check out our Team Olympic Fever bobsledder Josh Williamson (who is not going on “The Bachelor,” BTW) on the Orlando Sentinel’s podcast.

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