Episode 81: Sports Agent to Olympians Jesse Lichtenberg

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Professional athletes make a boatload of money, right? Well, not most American Olympians. They rely on agents like this week’s guest Jesse Lichtenberg, founder of JL Management, to help them get exposure to their sport and their endeavors — and hopefully land some deals that will lift them above the poverty line. Jesse talks with us about being an agent to sliders–luge, bobsled and skeleton–and what you need to be a successful agent (hint: killer negotiating skills are just part of the puzzle. Sharpies and peanut M&Ms are also key).

You can find more information about Jesse’s company, at JL Management, and follow her on Twitter.

Also in this week’s news, the event session schedule for Tokyo 2020 has been released — and some events really benefit the US prime time TV viewers. How do you plan to watch? Leave us a VM at 530-7-O-FEVER or join our Facebook Group to chat about it! You can also hit Jill up on Twitter and Alison on Insta.

If you’d like to hire Team Olympic Fever member John Shuster to send a greeting to your loved one, check out his profile on Cameo.

And, here’s more info about the Paralympics’ first video game!

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