Episode 80: Olympic Sustainability with Matthew Campelli

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This week we wondered just how well the IOC is doing in its sustainable initiatives — they talk the talk, but are they walking the walk? To help us understand the issues better, we’re joined by Matthew Campelli, editor of The Sustainability Report, an online publication that looks at sports and the ways major events and teams are adding sustainable elements to combat climate change and improve working conditions around the world.

Matthew tells us when the IOC’s and various Games Organizing Committees sustainability efforts really got off the ground and shares some of the interesting ways the Olympics is trying to have less of an impact on the earth.

Be sure to check out The Sustainability Report on Twitter and follow their continued coverage of this topic. You can follow Matthew on Twitter as well!

Also this week, we’ve got the Uncle Yoshi moment that broke the prime minister’s back, and some news from Team Olympic Fever!

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