Episode 77: Sport and Performance Psychologist Dr. Kristin Keim

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After the tragic death of Olympian Kelly Catlin, we wanted to talk to someone about sports psychology and try to understand some of the mental challenges elite athletes face. Sport and Performance Psychologist Dr. Kristin Keim of Keim Performance Consulting joins us to explain the field of sports psychology, how athletes use it for improving performance, and how they use it when it’s time to retire.

You can find Kristin at Keim Performance Consulting and follow her online:

Lots of news from Tokyo 2020 this week! Let’s get the bad/ugly out of the way: The Head of the Japan Olympic Committee is stepping down due to allegations of bribery when Tokyo was bidding to win the 2020 Games. Sigh.

The good news is that Tokyo 2020 has released its torch and torch relay design–and both are fantastic! Only a year to go before the torch relay starts!

Plus, we have tons of news from Team Olympic Fever!

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