Episode 74: Josh Levin on Olympic Sport Climbing

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Jill’s flying solo this week, but that gives us more time for the start of our exploration of the new Olympic sports on the Tokyo 2020 program. This week we’re talking with sport climber (and American Ninja Warrior competitor!) Josh Levin. Josh talks with us about the 3 disciplines of sport climbing: speed, bouldering and lead climbing. We knew it was a physically tough sport, but the mental game and the cooperation among athletes is also incredibly impressive.

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And check out one of his American Ninja Warrior competitions!

We’ll have Josh back to talk about his climbing career and his pursuit of Olympic qualification on a future episode, so stay tuned.

So many events for our Team Olympic Fever members this week! Jill mentioned that you can watch Samantha Achterberg compete in a modern pentathlon world cup in Cairo — check out the competition at UPIM-TV and on Facebook (try here or here for the latter)

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Photo credit: IFSC / Eddie Fowke

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