Episode 62: A Freeze on Boxing

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This past weekend could’ve been d-day for boxing and weightlifting. The IOC Executive Board met to determine whether or not those two sports should remain on the Olympic Program for Tokyo 2020. 

Weightlifting seems to be making improvements, but the IOC decided to put a freeze on boxing. What does that mean? Jill and Alison delve into what’s going on within the AIBA, boxing’s international federation. Like this controversy from Seoul 1988.

The freeze could potentially be a good situation. After all, something similar happened just a few years ago when the IOC decided to pull wrestling from the Tokyo 2020 schedule. We welcome back the dulcet tones of Jason Bryant, who explains how bad off wrestling was.

Check out Jason’s site and wrestling podcasts at MatTalkOnline. You can also find him Facebook and Twitter.

Also on the show, Jill talks about the new documentary on Tommie Smith’s and John Carlos’ actions during the 1968 Mexico City Games. It’s called “The Stand: How One Gesture Shook the World.”

Plus, we have a short TOFU update! Check out Nathan Bartholomay and Deanna Stellato at the Golden Spin of Zagreb.

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