Episode 61: Kim Rhode’s Olympics

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Kim Rhode is back on the show to talk about her 6 Olympic experience. She’s got one of the most storied Olympic careers, having competed in 6 Olympics in shotgun–and earning a medal at each one of them. She’s got some great stories, from fun in the Olympic Village at Atlanta, to having her son watch her compete in Rio.

We also recap “Scouting Camp: The Next Olympic Hopeful” Season 2, which was on over the weekend, and we have some Team Olympic Fever updates.

Kim Rhode’s aiming for her 7th Olympics in Tokyo. You can follow her journey on social media:

Also, we have a new website! Back episodes are still going up, but we have new content for you to enjoy — and easy ways to support us. The show takes a lot of time and effort to produce and we have projects on the horizon that need funding as well. Now’s a great time to buy some merch — it’s on sale at various times throughout the month of December!

Thanks as always for listening, and until next week, keep the flame alive!

Photo courtesy of Kim Rhode.

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