Episode 60: Lightning Round 1

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It’s Thanksgiving Day weekend in the US, which means Jill and Alison are busy carbo loading (well, to be fair, Jill’s doing a 5K too). This week we debut a recurring segment: The Lightning Round.

In recent months we’ve asked our interviewees the same 5 questions. Hear how Olympic judo coach Jimmy Pedro, Olympic rower Tessa Gobbo and Olympic swimmer John Naber answer them.

It’s perfect listening while you wait to baste your turkey or prepare other Thanksgiving foods….and if this isn’t your holiday, you get a nice, short episode!

We’ll be back next week with Kim Rhode, who dishes on some of her favorite Olympic memories. Let’s just say that the Atlanta Olympic Village sounded like such a fun place!

Thank you for listening. This week, especially, we can’t say thank you enough. Until next time, keep the flame alive!


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