Episode 58: Tony Azevedo’s World of Water Polo

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We’re jumping in the pool to talk with 5x Olympian Tony Azevedo about the sport of water polo. This is another sport that’s no joke — did you know it’s the only sport that develops certain muscles in your feet? Tony gives us the lowdown on techniques, controversies with hand gluing and ball deflation, and what it’s like to be in the Croatian celebrity press.

Also, the US Olympic Committee has de-sanctioned USA Gymnastics as a National Governing Body. We talk about the ramifications and timing of this decision.

You can find Tony online at tonyazevedo.com and follow him on:

Check out his new company 6-8 Sports and see how it can improve your water polo game!

For more info about things we discussed:

See sculling in action here!

More info on The Blood in the Water match here!

(note: there is a documentary out there called Freedom’s Fury, but its site isn’t really supported anymore)

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