Episode 39: Twizzling with Olympic Ice Dancer Charlie White

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How did we celebrate Olympic Fever Olympic Day? Jill and Alison are recovering from their exciting #OFODs and talking about listeners’ celebrations.

Then it’s time to see whether Alison gets all fangirl over one of her favorite Olympians, U.S. ice dancer Charlie White. Together with his partner Meryl Davis, Charlie’s won silver at Vancouver 2010 and gold at Sochi 2014 (check out their amazing free dance). He rounds out the medal trifecta with a bronze at Sochi in the team event.

Charlie talks with us about the sport of ice dancing and his experiences in creating a long-lasting successful working relationship with his partner, and he also attempts to convert Jill on the complexity of the twizzle. Will he succeed? Listen and find out!

Follow Charlie on Twitter and Insta. You can also get updates from him and Meryl through their website and Facebook page.

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