PyeongChang 2018 – Day 15: Figure Skating, Bobsled, Curling, Speedskating, Ice Hockey, Alpine Skiing, Snowboard, Biathlon

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Alison’s all dressed up for our review of the Women’s Figure Skating free skate (or as Jill says, a Lipinski/Kwan redux). Then it’s on to the other sports of the day–which turns out to be a lot, even though we’re nearly at the end of the Games. We’ve got:

  • Bobsled – with Team Olympic Fever member Nick Cunningham
  • Curling – with Team Olympic Fever member John Shuster
  • Speedskating
  • Ice Hockey
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Snowboard

And Jill channels her best Chad Salmela as she watches NBC’s coverage of the Men’s Biathlon Relay.

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