PyeongChang 2018 – Day 10: Bobsled – Ski Jumping – Alpine Skiing – Big Air – Curling – Biathlon – Speedskating – Figure Skating

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Alison’s traveling today, so Team USA’s #1 fan Sarah Patton is here to twizzle in her shoes. We hear how her Opening Ceremonies party went (perhaps it was golden), and then Jill and Sarah talk about:

  • The opening day of Bobsled
  • Our favorite mustachioed Ski Jumper
  • Team Olympic Fever member John Shuster’s progress in the Curling tournament
  • Doping in Curling
  • Alpine Skiing with Ted Ligity (say it with us… diggity)
  • The first day of Big Air
  • One of the most exciting Biathlon races yet (which is hard to believe, given how great this competition has been)
  • The Olympic debut of Team Olympic Fever member Erin Jackson in Speedskating
  • Ice Dancing’s opening night

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