Episode 19: Digging on Figure Skating

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It’s the week Alison has been looking forward to: Figure Skating Week! We’ve got three great guests on today’s show:

2014 Olympic pairs skater Nate Bartholomay. Look for him on Twitter and Instagram.  If you missed his and Deanna Stellato’s amazing short program from U.S. Nationals, here it is. They also attempted a throw quad salchow on their long program, which is insanely difficult to do. He and Deanna are currently competing in the Four Continents Championships – here’s the results of the short program.

Next we have international Mind-Body Performance Coach Rebekah Dixon, who’s working with Canadian pairs skater Meagan Duhamel on sharpening her mental game leading up to the Olympics. Check out Rebekah’s website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page for more information (check out the FB page–she’s got some great videos).

Finally, we have the rock star of figure skating analysis, Jackie Wong. Jackie covers figure skating competitions on his website RockerSkating and Twitter feed faster and more astutely than anyone in the sport. He’s also host of “Ice Talk,” Ice Network’s figure skating podcast.

All of this, plus trivia–and new members added to Team Olympic Fever!




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