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Olympic Fever

The feeling is uncontrollable and comes about every couple of years when athletes around the world convene on one city in their quest for glory. For some reason, you can't stop devouring the news and watching the events. For several weeks, you can't get enough. It's clear: You've got a case of Olympic Fever.

Now there's a show that can help. Welcome to Olympic Fever, the podcast for fans of the greatest sporting event in the world: The Olympic Games.

Each week, hosts Jill Jaracz and Alison Brown explore the stories of the Olympics through its sports, athletes, officials, organizers, host cities, fans and more.

New episodes come out every Thursday right here, and on your favorite podcast platform. Join us for all the fun and grandness that is the Olympic Games.

Citius, Altius, Feverrius! 

Mar 30, 2018

Unless someone has a wardrobe malfunction on the ice, it's rare to hear an announcer talk about a figure skating costume. Yet they're a vital part of a skater's competition.

We wanted to know more about the clothes, so Alison spoke with figure skating dress designer Pat Pearsall, who gives us the scoop on the dresses she designed for two-time Olympian and PyeongChang 2018 bronze medallist Mirai Nagasu, what she thinks of mesh matching, and how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Plus, Jill reports about her amazing time at U.S. Speedskating's Tour of Olympians!

Check out Pat's designs at her website, and follow her on Insta and Twitter.

If you're in the Eastern or Midwestern part of the U.S., look here to see if U.S. Speedskating's tour is coming to your neck of the woods!